Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Less Bickering - Ruby vs. Python

Brilliant post. Please read. Essentially it's a matter of comfort. There aren't too many glaring issues on either side, other than pure immaturity on an enterprise scale.

Having done too much of all three (I added one), I love Ruby compared to Java and I love Python compared to Ruby. I love the choices of platforms in Python and don't really like the closed feeling and cultlike approach ROR communities. Nothing is quite as bad as C++. or Perl though. I've only touched on PHP but it gives the impression of being really easy to start and really hard to finish.

Things I'd love to see to see from Ruby or Python...
1. Message Bus / MQ Type app
2. Rules Engine
3. BI mini platform
4. Data Transformation Svcs / ETL / Integration Platform

Maybe they're not needed. Maybe I should just be happy with great ORMs.


Quentin said...
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Quentin said...

I found your post looking for rules engines for Python, read the original post and your comments. They are still spot on.

I fell in love with Python after years of C/C++/Java programming. I felt the boost in productivity was almost 10fold.

Now I have been using Ruby (at work) and at first it was very satisfying; I give Ruby the nod for block syntax at first, until I ran into subtleties (like http://tinyurl.com/c8pc9c). I also had problems embedding Ruby into a multi-threaded program - Python's threading model is much more elegant IMHO.

See I couldn't resist doing some of my own preaching there.